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Long Term Care

It is our goal to enrich the lives of our residents and keep them active here as well as in the community. The long term care nursing home facility aspires to give our residents the opportunities to do the things they may never had a chance to do or to continue to do the activities they have always enjoyed doing. 

The Community Care Center provides long term care for adults who require around the clock nursing care. These residents need help not only with basic activities of daily living (ADLs) but need the supervision of staff to maintain their safety. We encourage residents to offer ideas and suggestions because it is important for them to do the things they desire. Our residents are our number one priority and that's the way it should be. 

Our large multipurpose room offers plenty of space for family visits, family gatherings, facility parties, potlucks, watching TV, or a movie, and all of our other daily activities. We even have a bird aviary and a private chapel room. If our residents have shared their life with a special pet, we hope to fill that void and allow their pets to visit. We offer enjoyment and the companionship of our facility dog Clyde. Each resident's room is ready to accommodate a cable television connection and phone installation. A plethora of cameras are installed through out the communities to ensure the safety of the residents. 

We have a transport bus and it has been a blessing as it enables us to take the residents on special outings planned through our Activity Department.

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